Lead and Lunch Boxes

Lead and Lunch Boxes

Feb 20, 2007

In an effort to be more green, we use resusable lunch boxes instead of paper bags, so you can imagine how unhappy we were to learn recently that some vinyl lunch boxes may contain small amounts of lead.

Of course, the Consumer Products Safety Commission had tested these products in 2005 and at that time stated that the lead levels in these products are so low they pose no threat, which made us feel a little better.

Unfortunately, it looks like that may not be true.

It has recently been revealed that government tests on soft vinyl lunchboxes in 2005 found that one in five contained unsafe amounts of lead, even though at the time the Consumer Product Safety Commission released a statement that they found, "...no instances of hazardous levels."

Parent Hack recommends trying a home test kit if your child has a vinyl lunchbox. We are thinking maybe now is time to invest in a nice neoprene lunch bag, or an old fashioned cloth one.

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