Leaf Art Frames

Leaf Art Frames

Gregory Han
Jun 26, 2007

Our neighbor next door sadly just showed us what we are guessing might once had been a ficus plant. Wilting, limp and yellowed...the plant was quite close to setting off for that great big garden in the sky, illustrating our neighbor's uncanny mutant ability to turn perfectly healthy house plants into compost material in a matter of a couple weeks.

We might have to turn her onto this decorative display which brings in some green into the home without the worry of watering/overwatering, or any care for that matter. The Leaf Art Frames are handmade artificial leaves sandwiched inbetween clear acrylic sheets and framed for wall display.

There are 21 different varieties available, and knowing the Japanese eye for detail, we bet these look pretty darn realistic. The bad news is we don't think they ship these to the U.S., but we're looking for a domestic retailer so we can prevent further plant abuse next door.

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