(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Catalog retailer Room & Board recently gave us the heads up about the availability of a much heralded desktop lighting solution from Herman Miller that offers an eco-friendly 60,000 hour lifespan and consumes 40 percent less energy than a compact fluorescent bulb, all the while looking like something Frank Gehry would have designed if he was obsessed with cobras instead of buildings.

Sipping just 8 watts, the LED powered Leaf Table Lamp is shaping up to possibly become an iconic office prestige piece in the same vein as the Aeron office chairs were in the 90's. Although available previously from Herman Miller, it's of note to see the Leaf lighting at a non-boutique retailer with wider customer reach. Hopefully we see similar lighting solutions at even lower prices. That being said, I'd love one of these for my desktop, but I'll have to start saving up for one of these $499 lighting sculptures.