10 Adorable Ways to Keep Cables in Check

Have you ever noticed that the cables you want to be extra long aren't and the ones you don't, like cell phone USB cords, are crazy long? Many use zip ties or Velcro straps to wrap up extra cordage, but those aren't cute. We all want cute things to surround us, right? Obviously function needs to at least equal form, but dang it if that form isn't super important too.

Here's a roundup of 10 ways you can tie up that extra slack and still make a style statement in your house.

  • The Leaf Tie, $9, works just like your standard cable tie, but these give your 21st jungle a hint of real life nature.
  • The Magneat keeps cables wrapped around a tight disc that's magnetized so it can stick onto metal filing cabinets found under your desk.
  • iida Cord Router keeps extra wires off the ground.
  • Fork and Cream Sauce keeps things fun. Wrap a cable around the fork and then stick back into its "creamy" stand.
  • Cordies, made from flexible rubber, keeps cords of different sizes in check on top of your desk.
  • PA Designs accessorizes wires with bird and leaf attachments that also keep wires from moving around.
  • While we wouldn't want to shorten our headphone cords, it is nice to have a way to wrap 'em up if we don't need as much slack. This lasercut owl solution is too cute to pass up.
  • The Sombrero Wire Manager keeps things tidy under your desk -- with a surprise splash of color to boot!
  • The Cable Fish is a cable management solution for the Heathcliff in all of us.
  • We think the Cable Turtle may be the grandfather of extra wire solutions. What do you think?