Learning to Ride a Bike

Learning to Ride a Bike

Julia Cho
Jun 11, 2010

If one of your goals in the summer months is to teach your child how to ride a bike, we've rounded up some options and advice from our own archives and around the blogosphere.

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Training Wheels, Balance Bike, or Gyrobike?: This is a great article from Babble that will explain the basics of what's out there along with a strategy for teaching.

DIY Balance Bike: We recently posted about this idea, which is really how the first "balance bike" idea was birthed. Lower the seat and take off the pedals and voila- instant balance bike.

Early Rider Balance Bikes

The Float from Trek is a great option because you don't need to buy a separate balance bike- just remove the crank- it's made especially with this idea in mind.

Strider Running Bike is a fairly affordable and popular option.

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The Wishbone Running Bike isn't cheap but it does grow with your child giving it an extended life.

The original trend-setter- the LIKEaBike and its newest companion, the ROCKaBike.

GrowBike Another interesting option that is actually a few bikes in one.

Skuut Balance Bike: Another really popular one with mostly good reviews.

Smart Gear Wooden Balance Bike: This one's available at Target.

Whichever direction you choose, there are definitely a lot more out there than when we were growing up!

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