Leather and Stitch: Fashionable Headphones

Leather and Stitch: Fashionable Headphones

Chris Perez
Apr 17, 2013

I love stitching in leather. The detailing lends a look of handmade craftsmanship and reminds me of the leather seats in a sports car. It's a look that works especially well for designer headphones, and a design detail I look for when shopping for sound-isolating headwear...

Nobody seems to mind wearing their headphones loud and proud these days. They've become statement pieces, alongside a pillow to wrap your ears in for isolation from distracting outside sounds. It's no surprise then that headphones aren't just accessories, but fashionable accessories, with designers putting design-forward pieces to market. Here are a few of my favorite designer models incorporating my favorite material: leather. 

1. Panasonic Monitor Headphones - $30.00
2. Frends Layla Headphones - $205.00
3. Bight Stingray Leather Headphones - $250.00
4. Monster Diamond Tears Headphones - $279.95
5. Molami Pleat Leather Headphones - $349.00
6. Sennheiser Momentum Headphones - $349.95

Personal notes: I've seen and listened to a lot of these headphones in person, and they all seem to be of high-quality, making the price tag a little more palatable (the Monster's however do have a plastic-y feel to them). Also, the Sennheiser Momentum headphones were my favorite, performing with superb sound quality, alongside constructed with a high quality finish of aluminum and metal worth the splurge.

(Image: 1. Chris Perez, all others as linked)

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