Leather Camera Straps

When every camera out there feels mass produced and feelin' the same, there's something fulfilling about customizing it with your own personal touch. Whether it's a technological upgrade (like adding an Eye-Fi SD card) or replacing the stock camera wrist strap with a leather one, it's the little tweaks that really make the difference.

In addition to giving it a vintage-like appeal, one of the biggest pluses in having that extra grip around your wrist from having it accidentally fly onto the pavement or into a pool of water.

Quality materials are even harder to come by. We've tried eBaying a few of them and trust us, don't get the cheap ones - they break within a few weeks! Best to try some of the smaller shops like Gordy's Camera Straps or Andy's store for a custom made one to your liking. Straps start at around $20.

Got a cool mods that retro-fied your camera? Let us know about it in the comments!

(Photos from Gordy's Strap Gallery)