(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We're kind of like barracudas in that we're drawn to anything that sparkles. It's no wonder, then, why we're so interested in this table - under the glass top are 480 twinkling LEDs that respond to movement. Reach for your glass of wine, and the table comes to life with a trail of light following your hand. Bonus in that it runs off of only 35 watts of electricity when active.

Sure, you might say, LEDs are a great choice for conserving energy, but a regular coffee table uses no energy at all, so... what's really the benefit? Well, um, besides being cool, it's made out of 100% sustainable maple plywood and a water-based finish, so there's that, too. Available with a clear top as shown or with a frosted one, so you'll only see a soft glow.

From Because We Can.