LED Color Organ & DIY Instrument Fun

LED Color Organ & DIY Instrument Fun

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jul 18, 2011

At Unplggd we are a fairly diverse group that contains artists, designers, and of course, musicians. Some of us are decidedly more musically inclined than others, but we all can appreciate when technology and music merge to create interesting effects. One area of particular interest is DIY musical instruments and we knew once we spotted this fun color organ that we must share it.

Inspired by Collin Cunningham's LED Color Organ, Instructables user Ledartist wanted to create his own but knew he needed to streamline the process instead of getting bogged down in circuits, amps, and complicated electronic setups.

His goal was to create a 3 way color organ with only 29 components. He was able to achieve this by streamlining the circuit to the absolute minimum. Wanting to make the project more accessible, he also opted to use only easy to obtain, inexpensive parts. One way that he simplified this project was to design the organ to connect to the headphone output of audio equipment like an iPod and to run using a 9V battery.

How does it work? Three groups of LEDs each respond to high, mid, and low frequencies of sound creating a colorful light show (which you can see in action in the video below). While we don't consider ourselves master electronic hobbyists we do think that this project would be fun and would make a nice gift for our music loving siblings and fellow writers.

Check out Instructables for the complete instructions.

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What is a fun music DIY project you've made or spotted?

Ledartist via Instructables

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