Legends Geneva Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Maxwell’s Daily Find 02.12.14

Legends Geneva Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

• from $249 - on sale now
The Company Store

It's been drafty and cold in my apartment for the past week with the outside temperature down below 10 degrees at night. Therefore, I've been rethinking our comforter strategy and thinking about a new one for Ursula.

This one is my premium pick for the winter. Once you go over $250 you start to get into the upper end of this category, and Legends is near the top of what The Company Store has to offer, AND it's on sale right now. Here are the specs:
- Filled with superior large cluster 600–650 fill power premium Hungarian white goose down.
- 400-thread count combed cotton sateen shell.
- Cover is made of fine combed yarns that create a light-weight shell for exceptional softness and drape.

If you want to know my affordable pick, it's still this one from Royal Hotel for $139.