Lego Kitchen

So an entire lego house is amazing. Just, amazing. But perhaps just a touch of Lego--say just a kitchen island--could be a subtle homage to the architectural toy... Who are we kidding!?! It's ridiculous and completely over the top! But we love it...

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We can't really help but love the idea of covering a basic kitchen island in Legos. Over 20,000 pieces, in fact! The overall effect is quite bold, but not the worst thing we've ever seen! We have a great affinity for the building blocks, having had quite a collection growing up. It was always a seemingly unattainable dream that we might be able to live in the creations we so carefully crafted. Munchausen, two Parisian designers (Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti) thought otherwise and did it in their own kitchen. We are finding ourselves quite jealous of their feat, and absolutely love the outcome. Check out more images at The Cool Hunter.