Look!: LEGO Salt 'n Pepper Shakers

Look!: LEGO Salt 'n Pepper Shakers

Heather Blaha
Feb 13, 2007

We don't consider ourselves collectors of anything, really, but it seems that we're developing a salt 'n pepper shaker habit.

We found these at the LEGO store on Michigan Ave. for $2.99, but they are not available online. After calling the store today, the woman told us that after releasing the 1.5" tall black & white set, they "sold like hotcakes." At the start of January this year, the Chicago store received a couple cases and now they are long gone, and they don't know if or when they will get more.

Online we only spotted this goofy set for $4.99, which we don't like nearly as much. Seems worth investigating where else you might find the b&w ones ($2.99!) if you love them as much as we did.

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