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New York, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
I love any shade of blue: from navy blue to peacock blue to teal to sky blue. When I moved into this apartment the bedroom was painted in the perfect shade of navy blue and it reflects the sunlight beautifully.
The window casing was painted white when I moved in, and I decided to restore it to its original state by stripping the paint off. I love how the dark wood trims match the original wood floor and the dark wall.
Colors used in my room:
Navy blue, ivory, walnut.
Tips for using color successfully:
The bedroom is teeny (6.5 ft by 9 ft). The dark color on the walls makes the room feel very cozy at night while toning down the bright morning sunlight through the huge windows. I decorated the room with colorful books, t-shirts, and use clear glass jars for storage. A splash of ivory on the wall (the lace dress) and on the bed (the king size blanket) lighten up the room and add more texture.
Navy Blue