Less Is More: Paint Trim & Moulding for a Color Pop

Color really is the best way to liven up a room and make it memorable, but you don't have to use a ton of it to get your desired results. Here are ten examples of rooms where the painted moulding and trim have the starring role, either bringing a splash of color to white walls or an special touch to colored walls.

Row One: Painted Moulding & Trim in White-Walled Rooms

1. An eye-opening, canary yellow brings a modern twist to a girl's bedroom in a Victorian townhouse: Apartment Therapy

2. In typical Swedish fashion, paint and accessories bring the color to an otherwise blank slate room: Anahi Börde on Houzz

3. An intense orange painted trim compliments the softer yellows in this nursery: Lonny Magazine

4. Pink paint echoes the piping on the upholstered chair and lampshade trim in this girl's bedroom: Ingrao Design

5. Painted red ceiling moulding replicates the shape of the bed and adds visual interest to this girl's room: Andrika King Design

Row Two: Painted Moulding & Trim in Rooms with Colored Walls

6. The bold red trim, moulding and woodwork in this playroom livens up the soft blue walls: Peppermint Bliss (click to see the "before" shots of this space)

7. Orange trim draws the eye to the windows in this dark blue boys' room: Ally Banks Interiors (image 24)

8. A silvery grey moulding near the ceiling of this teen girl's room adds a touch of glam to the youthful electric pink accent wall: Ana Donohue Interiors

9. Blue ceiling moulding draws the eye up and enlivens the neutral grasscloth walls: Steven Gambrel in Elle Decor

10. Green paint becomes a faux moulding to frame the walls in this nursery: Better Homes and Gardens

Even though there is less actual painting involved, painting trim, moulding and baseboards involves a lot of taping! Get some tips before you begin from these Apartment Therapy tutorials:

(Images: as linked)