Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom

Carrie McBride
Jul 19, 2011

Tick Tock. We're only halfway through summer but I'm already feeling the countdown to September. And, frankly, I'm starting to feel a little anxious...about potty training. My son is starting pre-school and while he's not required to be done with diapers, it's preferred and it's also time. We started six months ago and had a few early successes - followed by disinterest - which is now growing into aversion. Is your family in the same potty...er ...boat? If you are or, better yet, if you've navigated these waters already, join in the discussion to share your woes or wisdom.

The first thing we purchased was the Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer that goes directly on your full-size toilet. (I know, feel free to laugh at our optimism that we might be able to skip the cleaning-the-kid-potty bit.) In combination with a step stool, our son did use it several times and was rewarded for it with a piece of chocolate or a jelly bean. He would often sit on it at our suggestion but never on his own initiative. Then the more we suggested it, the more he wanted nothing to do with it. So we eased up, bought a traditional training potty (the IKEA LÄTTSAM) that he could use himself and adopted a laissez-faire attitude about it. As did he.

So where, wise readers, do we go from here? Do charts work? Stickers? Rewards? Do we have him go diaper-less for a few days? Any great books to recommend?

If you have a question about potty training, leave it below. If you have ANSWERS and advice, please leave that, too!

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