Letterpress Alphabet Print and Frame Mats at Sycamore Press

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Things that go great together: chocolate and peanut butter, letterpress and alphabets, graphic designers and printers. Stephanie (whose son Creed's bedroom was a finalist in our Nursery Colors contest) wrote to tell us about two recent collaborations with her friend Eva.

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When a graphic designer like Stephanie and a fabulous print maker like Eva team up you can be sure the result is something special. Stephanie designed this graphic alphabet for her son's room and Eva offered to print it on her vintage Vandercook Press. The results were so nice they decided to offer it for sale in Eva's shop, Sycamore Street Press.

The 11"x 14" alphabet print is letterpressed giving it richness and texture and is available in an orange/gray combo or turquoise/crimson ($30).

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Spurred on by this satisfying collaboration, Stephanie and Eva next produced letterpressed frame mats. Mount your 4" x 6" photograph inside the elaborate printed "frame" and then cut the whole thing down to fit the frame of your choice. The aesthetic is old fashioned, but the colors lend an air of modernity.

Find these ($15 and in several styles) at Sycamore Street Press where you'll also find beautiful letterpress cards and gift tags.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Stephanie - we look forward to seeing more!

(p.s. Stephanie, a woman after our own heart, is a big promoter of libraries and children's books - check out her blog, The Children's Literature Book Club.)

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