Letterpress Love

Letterpress Love

Jessica Tata
Mar 30, 2009
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We have a bit of an obsession with letterpress artwork. We've always had a penchant for print materials, and lately there have been many fantastic print artists catching our eye. The reproducible (although often limited-edition) nature of these works also tends to make them more affordable options for adding to our collection. Here are some of our favorites, of late...

Here are four of our favorite print artists of late:

  • 1-4 Aardvark Letterpress Fine Art Editions: This letterpress studio has created a 40th Anniversary project representing the full scope of the business's history, called the Los Angeles Loteria Series.

  • 5-8 Roll and Tumble Press available on Etsy, has a great collection of "instructional posters" that play on our fondness of fonts with the antique wood type.

  • 9-12 Wiltinkie is a fantastic letterpress shop that offers images based off of their favorite stories from childhood. Available one-at-a-time or for half-price with a year long subscription, there are 12 great images that appeal to children and adults.

  • 13-16 Yee-Haw Industries brings an ornery, southern flair to their works, creating great prints that hearken back to the old west and loud, cantankerous typesetting.

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