Letting Your Clothes Show

There were a few photos we omitted from Barry's Howlin' House and Store house tour, and they were of his hanging clothes storage. Being a small place with no closets, Barry's solution was a reasonable one: just hang his clothes on a rod out in the open.

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The closet versus hanging clothes rack is an old topic and also a heated one, with many people taking sides. We admit we found the hanging clothes rack in Barry's house a bit distracting, but we didn't mind the folded clothes on a shelf in his bedroom at all. Similarly, in another house tour in Austin from a while ago we thought Laura and Greg's thoughtful small-space solution of open closets with sheer curtains was a success, while others felt it still looked too messy. We've seen open clothes storage look good in magazines before, but question whether they can look good on a daily, functional basis (without always looking a bit messy, anyway).

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What's your small space clothes storage situation? Have you ever been bold enough to let your clothes show? And if you have stored clothes on a hanging rack or on open shelving before, be honest: were you really able to keep it looking tidy on a daily basis?

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