LG Titan Laundry Pair - MEGA CAPACITY

Maxwell’s Daily Find 05.12.14

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LG Titan Laundry Pair - MEGA CAPACITY

• $2,888

I saw this pic on Martha's site and instantly wanted a pair of these sexy bad boys. These are good looking machines with their square, space age doors, and they are huge in order to allow you do fewer loads. I don't have a test to share with you but Consumer Reports is optimistic: "the new machine has what LG calls 6Motion, six different wash motions including tumbling, scrubbing, filtration, rolling, stepping and swinging that work in various combinations depending on the fabric. The WM8000 received Energy Star's Most Efficient designation, something we'll keep in mind as we test for energy and water efficiency."

That said, I got a bit of sticker shock over the price, but you know that feeling when you are starting out life with a washer and want it to work perfectly and look fantastic. Time to save up. :)

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