Liesl's Cure: The Fridge Saga - #4, Finale!

Liesl's Cure: The Fridge Saga - #4, Finale!

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 28, 2008

Welcome to Liesl, veteran writer for many New York papers and magazines who now is weighing in on kitchen appliances instead of books for a change.

Continuing on from Chapter #3...
"...Anyway, end of story: by the beginning of February, I'd tracked down an efficient, no-frills fridge, made in Eastern Europe (so I'm told) and sold by a Bronx-based company called Summit. My new fridge (or "rotter," as I continue to call it) was delivered to my home on Ash Wednesday, and the old one was carted away..."

"The new fridge is two feet square, and 5'10" high; and is white and plain--which would do nothing for Speed Racer, but makes my kitchen look twice as big. (I had ordered it first in stainless steel, but when it was unwrapped, it turned out to be dented, so the deliverymen took it away--which was a mercy, because in person, the stainless steel fridge looked mouse-gray, whereas white is bright and light-amplifying).

>> Summit Link

Between the arrival of the new fridge last Wednesday, and the arrival of Chinese New Year--the Year of the Rat--last Thursday, I found myself in a celebratory mood. On Friday, I threw a "Rat and Rotter" party to use up all the food and drink that the new rotter could not hold. I didn't really expect my guests to understand why I'd throw a party to celebrate a fridge, particularly one that held less stuff than its predecessor, but they did.

Apparently, many New Yorkers have the same wistful, giddy kitchen-appliance dreams, that I do. I think I'll hold another Rat and Rotter fiesta to kick off the next Rat Year, twelve years from now--by which time Big Chill might have produced the American answer to the Bombatino Doppio, and by which time I just may have sprung for an oven whose door I can open all the way, too.


About Liesl Schillinger: ...Since 1991, she has written for many publications in the United States and Britain, chiefly The New York Times, The New Yorker, the Washington Post, and the London Independent on Sunday, where she wrote a column about New York life in 1996-98. She now writes full time, and is pursuing the goal of living like an expat in her own city.

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