"Life Is Happening!"
Rooting For Liz Lemon

"Life Is Happening!"
Rooting For Liz Lemon

Tess Wilson
Oct 1, 2012

There were moments in the sixth season of 30 Rock when I thought, "hmmm…". I mean, 30 Rock is always brilliant, but some of the more surreal elements left me cold, and I cannot deal with page/stalker Hazel. But then, the eighteenth episode ended with one of the most poignant moments in television, and I totally teared up with hope for Liz Lemon… and for all of us.

Liz Lemon has certainly had some misadventures over the year: botched generic Lasik surgery, a terrible haircut, terrible boyfriends (Wesley, Dennis), super-hot but flawed boyfriends (Grey/her cousin, Jon Hamm/so stupid, Matt Damon/too much like her), a moustache named Tom, and so many more. And, as so many of us in love with our jobs do, she neglected her home: failing to set up her home office, using an expensive wedding dress to prop up her poorly built desk, wearing a swimsuit as underwear rather than do laundry, and buying her neighbor's apartment with her Dealbreakers money but failing to work on the expansion for what felt like years.

But now, against all odds, things are really lining up for ol' Liz Lemon. She's found a super-hot but great boyfriend who genuinely likes her and cheerfully and calmly handles her crazy. He's even moved in (I don't think Liz has lived with a man before, unless you count Dennis Duffy and his squatter's rights, which I don't) and is doing the work on the expansion himself. They even survive a trip to IKEA! When Criss finds out Liz had been pursuing adoption, he encourages her to take it up again, or at least talk about it — but they tiptoe around the issue for a few episodes, referring to the potential baby as a "plant" and talking about renovating one of the rooms into a nursery for the plant. Finally, at the very end of "Murphy Brown Lied To Us", they both blurt out that they'd like to have a baby. He puts on a stew, she picks out a puzzle, and dear, long-suffering Liz Lemon gleefully exclaims to herself, "Life is happening!"

I got a little weepy just typing that! Aren't those magic moments, when we feel like, "Yes, this is it. This is real!"? Whether they happen at work or surrounded by friends or alone at home, the feeling that we're really living our lives is powerfully moving: exciting, intimidating, and oh, so sweet. Some could say it's the most frivolous thing in the world to be happy for a television character, but so be it. I'm thrilled for Liz, and hope she's allowed to enjoy her sweet home life for awhile. It's encouraging to watch a beloved but flawed character find happiness. Aren't we all lovable and flawed? Aren't we all trying our best? If Liz Lemon can do it, so can we, damnit! Though, to be fair, we don't have Alec Baldwin growling advice at us..

(Image: Ali Goldstein/NBC for TV Guide)

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