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The title alone resonates with many of us home-obsessed folk. Have you’ve ever thought, “I’d be so much happier if... I lived in that unattainable house, moved from the city to the country, moved to a different block"? Or do you think that finding the perfect shade of color for your walls, out-of-this-world drawer pulls, impeccable flooring proves to the world that you are more worthy than before? You’ll definitely find comfort in reading this memoir.

Life Would Be Perfect If I lived In That House, written by Meghan Daum, details the trials, triumphs and, let’s face it, fixation that the author has about moving, renovating and redecorating. More specifically, her memoir ponders the plight of the frequent mover: Is the constant changing of residences a way to fabricate happiness and pique life? And what does the “perfect” house entail exactly? This true tale of Ms. Daum’s desire to redecorate, fix and refurbish in order to prove her worth is humorously detailed and may strike a familiar cord with readers who may be on, or have previously traveled, down that road. Her constant compulsion to move, not only to new living situations but also to various states and cities, can definitely be viewed as an obsessive disorder. Psychological analysis aside, this book is humorously written with amazing recall about her every move. It importantly and approapriately delves into the discussion of what makes a house versus what makes a home.

Have any of you readers read this book or been on a similar journey as the author?

Image: Life Would Be Perfect If I lived In That House, written by Meghan Daum