Capturing What You See, Today and Tomorrow

Capturing What You See, Today and Tomorrow

Chris Perez
Jan 26, 2012

Amongst the obviously cool and useful, we saw our share of the wacky and wonderful at this year's CES. There was also a few concepts scattered amongst the sea of products and prototypes we think might extend technology's reach too far. Take for instance the Lifecam prototype from Panasonic, designed to film then wireless upload whatever you see/capture to the smartphone. Would you wear one of these cameras designed to capture and socially share every moment of your life?

"Helmet cams", "head cams", "life-cams"...whatever you want to call these recoriding devices, they aim to do one thing: share more of your life with the world. Whether that be sharing that mountain biking or other adventure experience with a device like the Astak ActionPro cameras (shown below) or going even farther and having a Panasonic Lifecam wrapped around your head for 24/7 life-streaming capabilities.

Maybe I'm just fearful we're getting to a world where one day we will want these, but these all-intrusive life sharing devices seem too much. Life is about being in the moment and enjoying the company you're with. Sure, we like to share some of our experiences with others, but bringing that to the extreme of life-streaming seems to wander into The Truman Show territory.

Then again, if you're capable of sharing moments like these, perhaps the growing popularity of head cams like the GoPro amongst the adventurous make it evident it's not so much we shouldn't be using these type of device, but editing/choosing the most choice moments to share.

What do you think about devices like these? Would you use them?

Images: Chris Perez, Gregory Han

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