Lifehacker's Workplace Spring Cleaning

Lifehacker's Workplace Spring Cleaning

Taryn Williford
Mar 24, 2009

The world must be super concerned about identity security, because the folks at are bribing their readers with a paper shredder to take before and after pictures as they clean up their office spaces. They've seen cubicles, home offices and even a lab go from a cluttered and thoughtless mess to a space worthy of—toot, toot—Apartment Therapy and Unplggd's approving glance. A few great spaces after the jump...

Motivated by different needs; like trying to sell a house, wanting less stress throughout the day or just going after a better looking office; Lifehacker's readers got to town and worked their butts off in 2 days to transform these spaces.

Also note that while some desks and cubicles got the full makeover and were replaced and painted, a few of these images will show you that just a quick sweep of all the clutter—not just papers but toys, too—will keep you in a serene workspace.

Which is your favorite?

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