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There are countless normal, practical concerns when choosing a dining room table: What's your budget? Do you entertain? How many people live in your house? How much space do you have? But I recently found myself having to explain to a bewildered salesperson that I was looking for something "big enough to hold an Arkham Horror board."

My favorite Lovecraft-themed board game takes place on a ridiculously huge board, requiring an equally enormous tabletop. Leaves are usually involved. And as I stood there in the store, tape measure in hand, I thought about all the out-there things a person might have to consider when choosing furniture, beyond mere price and practicality.

Which gets to stay, the chic TV console or the Xbox? Does the cat get his own pillow? (Yes.) Maybe you're shopping for a new, lower bed because your arthritic dog can't get into the old one anymore. Is it necessary that your silverware match your wife's sword collection?

What do you find yourself taking into consideration when picking out furniture?

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