Light Box Decor

Light Box Decor

Sparrow King
Jan 13, 2010

Light boxes are eye catching and can also add a unique ambient light to a room. They are also relatively easy to make even with the most basic carpentry or craft skills.

The first image is from one of our most recent house tours (Sue and Jared's Artist's Loft in Brooklyn) and features a large photo of Marilyn Monroe. The last two images are boxes I made when I created displays for Anthropologie. I apologize for the crummy photos but wanted to include them to show ideas for creating light boxes without using photographs. Textured fabric, paper cut outs, leaves, etc…the possibilities are endless.

Images: 1 Sue Kessler, 2 the Lexington W Hotel via If It's Hip It's Here, 3 Hiro Mitsuji, 4 & 5 Sparrow King

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