LightDims Are Like Sunglasses for Annoying Electronic Lights

Daily Tech Find


It's funny how I wrote about these extremely useful stickers ages ago, but I've only gotten around recently to using them myself...and my goodness, they're really handy. Each pack contains 100 pre-cut stickers in variety of sizes designed to block 50%-80% of light coming from home electronics and appliance devices polluting your room at night (with everything on, it's like Las Vegas up in here).

I've gone around the apartment and put these on powerstrip indicator lights, speakers, and the worst offender, the cable box. Compared to homemade solutions, the various pre-cut sizes available per sheet allow for the best fit per light. Now we can focus on the picture on the TV, not the distracting bright blue LED glowing from the cable receiver, all because of a simple little sticker.