LightAir Air Purifier

LightAir Air Purifier

Apr 24, 2008

This is the most beautiful and unobtrusive air purifier we have seen. More lighting fixture than appliance. Available as either a surface mount or hanging ceiling mount, the LightAir purifier performs as good as it looks. Click through to read how well....

Testing performed by the Nordic Institute of AIr Quality showed positive results and described the filter as follows:

LightAir is a good ionizing air cleaner with collector. It cleans well across all particle sizes, which is unusual for this type of air cleaning. LightAir cleans the air very well within the smallest particle spectrum that can enter the lower parts of the lungs (which causes the most severe health problems). The results of this particle reduction test are consistently good considering the ionizing technique. Even in comparison with Ulpa filters and other mechanical filters the cleaning is good. LightAir handles the larger particles that stay in the upper part of the respiratory organs more than well, which is surprising. This is also a very good quality aspect since larger particles often settle very quickly and therefore never reach the collector. After the test we could clearly see a thin layer of dust on the collector.

-via Materialicious

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