Lighthouse Living

Lighthouse Living

Regina Yunghans
Jul 6, 2009

Isn't part of the fun of summer travel getting caught up in the romance of the places you're visiting? Ending up wanting to live in a converted lighthouse? If you, like us, have ever been bitten by that bug, here are a few images for you...

1 a bedroom at Wingsneck Lighthouse
2 stay at a working lighthouse: Tawas Point Lighthouse in Michigan
3 drawings for lighthouse-like homes from Lighthouse Living, LLC
4 On the market: Pigeon Point Light in San Mateo County, California, via Forbes

Want to try out lighthouse living for the short term? Check out Saugerties Lighthouse on the Hudson River. If you really want to go, you might start planning now for next summer - the waiting list is long! More on adventuresome vacation lodging at Apartment Therapy New York's Non-traditional Nautical Hotels: Stay in a Lifeboat, Lighthouse, Harbor Crane or Oil Rig Survival Capsules.

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