Ploum sofa by the Bouroullec brothers

One of the most exciting new products in the lineup from Ligne Roset is the Bouroullec brothers' new Ploum loveseat and sofa. The high-density foam seating is amazingly comfortable and truly iconic in appearance.

The new line of products from Ligne Roset will make it to US stores mid-to-late summer.

• Ploum sofa & loveseat by the Bouroullec brothers — the ultimate lounging sofa!
• Cuts modular shelving by Philippe Nigro — a single shelving unit that is combined to form custom shelving with character
• Stripes pendant lighting by Philippe Nigro — metal pendant lamps that can be used alone or combined in groups for playful and unique lighting
• Saint James chairs by Jean Nouvel — a reissue from the early 90s by the famed French architect

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Images: Aaron Able