Like Kittysville: Modern Pet Beds Under $100

Like Kittysville: Modern Pet Beds Under $100

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 13, 2009

Having been a pet owner for more years than we can count, one thing has always bugged us. The price of pet beds. It can be hard to fathom sheets for our own beds priced around the $100 mark, let alone something that's going to smell of animal in a few weeks. With this in mind, we were elated today to come across the pet beds from Like Kittysville today. Stylish, washable and best of all, under $100 (by a good amount!).

Custom orders are available using any of the fabrics from the Kittysville website, which is almost everything under the sun. Pricing ranges from $69 for a bed with a wood base to $82 for one with an acrylic base. Simply email Kittysville through their Etsy store to place your order.

This bed is great for not only cats, but small dogs as well. It's a great step up from a cardboard box without being an eye sore on your floor. The covers are washable by hand and the base separates so the two pieces can be wiped down individually.

You can view photos of other happy four legged customers on their site and don't forget to check out their blog!

Thanks to our friends at Design Sponge for the great heads up. You can head out and check out more pet related items all priced under $100!

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