Lili Diallo's Brooklyn Loft

Living Etc.

It's no wonder that Lili Diallo's loft in Brooklyn is full really good design choices that leave us feeling charged with creative energy. We've covered lots of Diallo's work before on Apartment Therapy, but we always love the opportunity to see designers putting their talents to work in their own homes...

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This feature of Diallo's Brooklyn loft in Living Etc. takes us into her eclectic kitchen, small (yet vibrantly-colored) bedroom, and open living spaces tucked into an 1880's thread factory. We love how she isn't slavish over any one style and isn't afraid to use a dark wall color in a small space (just take a look at the bedroom).

As put by Lili: "I don’t like a space to be 'one note' – everything modern or mid-century."

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See the full tour and lots more pictures at Living Etc..

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