Lilipad Studio Hand-Crafted Furniture for Kids

Lilipad Studio has a lot going on. Their kids' furniture is hand-crafted, hand-painted, and eco-friendly. Want more? They've got it: beautiful designs inspired by aesthetics from ancient global traditions.

Lilipad's founder, Laura Higdon, is an artist, an interior designer, and a mother, so she knows her kids' design. She's also deeply inspired by the environment and sustainability, and when she founded Lilipad wanted to create "soulful and healthy children's furniture." That means "playful yet sophisticated design elements on pieces with high functionality and versatility made from the finest materials." Essentially, Lilipad seeks to provide you with your next unique family heirloom.

The company offers tables and chairs and one- and two-step stools. All the pieces are bright, colorful, and inspired. In fact, we only wish that they offered more!

Stools are $249; table and chair sets run $795.

See all their designs at Lilipad Studio.

Via Inhabitots.

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