Limited Edition “Art Objects” for the Home

Limited Edition “Art Objects” for the Home

Kim Lucian
May 9, 2011
Salome Coffee Set by Antonio Murado
The forward thinking “New Museum” in New York has a long history of curating its gift shop as creatively as it does its collection of contemporary art. While browsing its online shop I stumbled upon its “Art Objects and Editions” section. In collaboration with well-known contemporary artists the museum puts out works in limited edition runs that, for a pretty penny, you can purchase for your home.

From everyday objects reinvented such as the “Salome Coffee Set” (edition of 15, $500) or the “Siamese Bird Vase” (edition of 175, $250) to more strictly sculptural pieces the idea is that art is to be lived with instead of simply viewed. Objects such as the “Office Buildings Candle” (edition of 500, $250) encourage the owner to take part in the creation process of the work by burning the candle so that it resembles an “Apocalyptic Landscape.”

While I enjoy the idea that art should not be limited to the walls of a home and can be incorporated as a functional part of the decor, I would be hesitant to leave out one of these unique “works” where it could so easily be damaged.

What do you think?

Images: New Museum

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