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Sydney Australia
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I've lived for almost twenty years in a wonderful Modernist apartment designed in 1955 by a well-known Sydney architect, Neville Gruzman, and built by the same builders who did the Sydney Opera House.The building is 90% glass curtain walling and louvers, and although the apartments are small with high ceilings, they seem light and have a psychological sense of clear air and space. The whole flat was done in black and white, which unites the various elements. The bathroom punctures the space, which is reinforced by the use of linear monochrome panels. The weight of 'the cube' provides a foil against the lightness of the structure, which creates an essential whole, set in sharp focus. It is also blessed with fantastic views from every vantage point. I love going home.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
I like to think that I'm a tidy, well-organised person and so I'm rather ruthless about about not bringing too many 'things' into my apartment. I don't like clutter and so if there isn't a real use for something, out it goes to friends, charity shops or Ebay. There's something freeing about that, isn't there? Also, I have a great love of mid 20th century designer classics, which means I'd rather save up for a beautiful piece of furniture or homewares that are going last me a very long time. In the end I think it's money well-spent.