Lindsay's "Southern Sage" Room

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Nashville, TN
Inspiration for my palette:
I found the green patterned side chair several years ago, and it lived in the living room in my former apartment. But, when I moved into this home, I realized it would fit best in the dining room, and it became the cornerstone for the entire palette. I have always loved the interplay between greens and purples, so that was the most natural combination.
Colors used in my room
The walls are Lowe's Valspar "Homestead Parlor Sage." The trim is Benjamin Moore's "Snow White," and I hand painted the china cabinet in midnight purple.
Tips for using color successfully
Don't use color just for the sake of using color. If a color doesn't speak to you, or strike a certain chord with you, then it isn't right for you. You should be madly in love with the colors you choose; after all, you have to live in them every single day.
Southern Sage

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