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Austin, TX
United States
What do you love about your bedroom?:
I love how open and airy our bedroom feels. The white walls, curtains, furniture, and bed linens provide a nice, crisp backdrop to the occasional saturated colors. I also love the sentimental quality of so many of the objects in the room. My mother made the quilt at the end of the bed as a graduation gift. The framed art speaks to my profession as an art historian and my love of design. I made the geo-shapes on the windowsill for our wedding, and the paper crane mobile for fun. And, the photos hanging near the bureau are a mix of polaroids and some of our favorite personal instagram snapshots.
What are your tips for creating a beautiful, healthy and organized bedroom?:
I think that as your bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home, it should be personalized and resonate with your own particular tastes and loves. Choose objects that are sentimental, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to populate the space. Also, I like to layer a variety textures and prints throughout. I try not to feel pressured to be too “matchy matchy,” as I think that is a somewhat common and limiting compulsion in bedroom design (e.g., complete bedroom sets with matching duvet, shams, and curtains).
In modern homes, bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep; they can be a retreat, a home office, a library, a relaxation zone. What are some ways you make the most of your bedroom?:
Unlike most bedroom spaces, ours is not offset from the center of the home. Instead, due to the somewhat odd layout of our carriage apartment, the bedroom connects to both the kitchen and an office space that leads to the living room. As a result, anyone wishing to move from the kitchen to the living room must pass through the bedroom. Though this stands counter to the notion that the bedroom is a private domain, I take it in stride and I’ve attempted to make the bedroom feel casual, open, and welcoming to visitors.