Linen Sheets: The Best Nights Sleep

Linen Sheets: The Best Nights Sleep

Leah Moss
Mar 5, 2012

On the recommendation of one of our readers, I decided to petition Santa Claus for a pair of linen sheets. He came through, and ever since, sleep has never been so deep or sweet. For all you who have written it off as too scratchy or stiff, reconsider!

Although I love the look of linen in almost any form, I was a bit skeptical of committing to sleep in it, thinking that it would be too rough long term. However, with a few months of sweet sleep under my belt— and this coming from someone with a baby who still doesn't sleep through the night— I'm a convert. The weightiness and softness is luxurious but not stuffy or stifling. And better yet, it's the first type of bedding that is equally pleasing to both my husband— basically a warm blooded space-heater— and me— someone who is always freezing.

There are countless sources for fabulous linen sheets, and now that I've fallen love, I may be checking out more options in the near future, especially Tricia Rose's Rough Linen which has won the praise of countless Apartment Therapy readers. However, my current set is Restoration Hardware's Stonewashed Belgian Linen, and I will vouch for them. They are a luxury definitely worth the price tag.

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(Image: Leah Moss)

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