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Arlington, VA
Inspiration for my palette:
My husband and I both love the coast - I growing up in Florida and he having lived on the California coast - so we wanted a space in our home that captured a laid back vibe where we could display some of our beach collections (and store the surf board).
The medium blue walls define the low ceilinged space, and since we didn't have the height for crown molding, the dark blue bands running around the top and bottom of the room add a bit of architectural interest. Pops of orange keep things casual and help to offset the darker tones of the wood furniture.
Colors used in my room:
Wall - Benjamin Moore Exhale - AF515
Wall Banding - BM Schooner - AF520
Trim & Ceiling - BM Steam - AF15
Tips for using color successfully:
Layering multiple tones of your room's primary colors - for us blue and orange - makes a space more approachable and interesting, while also making it easier to add more accent colors to the space without worrying about everything matching perfectly!
Casual Coastal Retreat