Take inspiration from your bookshelves and put it onto your walls with one of these delightful literary-inspired prints.

  1. A lovely quote from Emma is encircled in an equally lovely wreath of flowers. $14.97 at NeverMore Prints Etsy shop.
  2. A sweet, detailed image of Monk's House, Virginia Woolf's house in Rodmell, East Sussex. $15 at Amanda A White's Etsy shop.
  3. I had a hard time picking one image from the Terrific Friends series, but Gabriel Garcia Marquez is always a good choice. $15 at Terrific Friends' Etsy shop.
  4. Taro Gomi's beloved potty training book is a hilarious, unexpected reference for an art print. $25 at unraveleddesign's Etsy shop.
  5. A sexy, clever print with a quote from This Side of Paradise. $24 at Obvious State's Etsy shop.
  6. Capture your own white whale with this stylish Moby Dick print. $20.23 at Claudia Varosio's Etsy shop.
  7. A wonderfully charming take on Jane Eyre. $13 at Mint Parcel's Etsy shop.
  8. Why not hang a cool travel poster for a cool (if imaginary) village? $10.50 at 716 Design's Etsy shop.