Think of the Miele Hyrbid Vacuum as compact cleaning Prius. And like its auto fuel efficient relative, the Hybrid vacuum can operate free from usual constraints of a normal plug-in vacuum, thanks to the inclusion of lithium-ion batteries. The 1,800 watt motor is free to suck up dust and dirt like any other Miele, but untethered by cord or cable, making this a dream vacuum indeed for neat freaks all over.

The Miele Hybrid seems especially suited for cleaning hard to reach/navigate spaces like the stairs or while vacuuming the car, since you no longer have to worry about reaching far enough or getting tangled up like a traditional plug-in model. It takes about 3 hours of charging time for 20 minutes of battery operation, and the battery charges any time you're plugged into an outlet.

As typical of a Miele, its cleaning performance is top notch, with inclusion of an AirClean filter and 9 levels of filtration HEPA-grade disposable HyClean FJM bags and variety of hose tools for a myriad of household and around the house cleaning tasks. Everything sounds great and you're ready to shell out for this wonder vacuum? We were too, until we noted the $1,061, reminding us why we don't own a Miele ourselves yet also despite our rabid desire to join the

[via Appliancist]