Kennedy's Playhousewarming

Let's see...bake the hors d'oeuvres at 350º, arrange the flowers, stack the coats on the bed... Wait! This is a housewarming on a much smaller, cuter scale. It's Kennedy's playhousewarming - a charming way to celebrate a new space, no matter how small.

Remember Kennedy (aka Little K)'s dreamy bedroom? Her handy dad and crafty mom (Nathalie) made her a sweet playhouse and invited her friends over for a tour, cupcakes and, of course, some play. See more party fun and playhouse details (how much do you love that mailbox? not to mention the garden gnomes!) at Kennedy & Friends as well as some in-progress shots, too.

Thanks Nathalie! As always, fun ideas and beautiful photography!

(Image: Nathalie Bearden)

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