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Just when we think wall decals have grown tired, we spot a lovely bunch from Little Lion Studio. Although similar to many others out there, these have a bit more imagination, a more subtle sweetness and they may singlehandedly popularize the koala in children's rooms. If you're not looking for a wall decal, they also sell charming prints which can be customized with your child's name.

All of their decals and prints come in several color combinations so if you see something you like but need a different color or hue for your space, you will likely find a suitable variation. Many of the large graphics are reminiscent of vintage wallpaper and so big (the tall giraffe is over 6') that one alone is all you need. Not to be overshadowed, the prints range from simple animals to more sophisticated floral designs and, of course, a few alphabet prints which we can never get enough of.

Here are the links to some of our favorites and find the whole collection at Little Lion Studio:

1. Floral Giraffe Wall Decal
2. Royal Safari Nursery Prints
3. Mysteries Print Set
4. Deer Family Outline Wall Decal
5. Fall Tree Wall Decal

6. Queen Giraffe Print
7. Koala Tree Extra Large Wall Decal
8. Animal Alphabet Poster Color Punch
9. Floral Ostrich Wall Decal
10. Baby Zoo King Elephant Wall Decal

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