(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Name: Little Tomato (3)
Location: Nebraska

Color Inspiration: The room was inspired by a children's book author/ illustrator Laura Ljungvist. She uses bold colors and accentuates the geometry of objects in a unique and graphically dynamic way. Her "Follow the Line" series of books are fantastic.

Tip for Using Color: Start with something you love and build around it. I loved the graphic nature of the children's books, and the palette of colors from the Target Itso bins and used them both as a springboard for the 'murals' and room accents. And, if you use saturated colors, use a grey primer. Or plan on many, many coats...

Colors Used: All Sherwin Williams colors: Top neutral: SW 7536 Restful White. Bottom Neutral: SW6407 Ancestral Gold. Accents: SW6643 Yam (Orange), SW6841 Dynamo (Pink), SW6286 Mature Grape (Purple), SW6409 Edgy Gold (Green), SW6767 Aquarium (Teal Blue)

Thanks for your colorful entry Mia and good luck!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
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