Living Big in a Small Space: Timothy Mather

Living Big in a Small Space: Timothy Mather

Regina Yunghans
Jan 29, 2009

Toronto's 2009 Interior Design Show is coming up. One of the seminars being held there for design professionals is called "Living Big in a Small Space", and it's led by Toronto interior designer, Timothy Mather.

While most of Mather's work is in spaces that are large and luxurious, his portfolio does include some incredible small-ish spaces. We would be willing to wager that his tips on living big in small spaces include "bold color" and "bold pattern". See some of his work after the jump...

Our bathroom has one angled wall like the one pictured above. We scorn it and wish it were square. But we see in this photo that the use of bold prints and a mirrored wall take the focus off of the slant.

We've never seen hot pink used in a kitchen but we love it as shown below, with the burgundy and dark wood finishes. It's lush and over-the-top, but we admire this bold move and think it's well executed here:

Is anyone attending the show (from February 5 - 8)? Get more info at Interior Design Show and see more of Mather's portfolio at TM Design LTD.

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