Living in 400 Square Feet?
Jonathan B.
Jul 31, 2008

In response to this Good Question—one of our readers is wondering if she and her partner can live in 400 square feet—we're taking a closer look at strategies for living green in small spaces this week.

Sadly, a house we toured under construction was the victim of arson earlier this week. We also spotted something good and green at Wal-Mart, and we come up with a simple (admittedly unstudied) proposal to boost Houston's lousy recycling rate...


Wal-Mart's display for CFLs is surprising good—it explains the energy savings and size of CFL bulb compared to standard incandescents.

">The house one of our green people, Matt Baran, is building was the victim of arson this week. It looks like there wasn't too much damage to his project, so check back at Re-nest for updates.

And really, Houston, is 2.5% all you can recycle? This week's NYTimes article made us rethink our belief in incremental progress. Sometimes, when it comes to being green, you've just got to go whole hog.

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