(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

When I was little, I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my grandfather while he plotted how much land he would need to sustain his home off the grid. The man was a dreamer, but according to this graphic from 1BOG, he wasn't far off. Do you know what it would take for a family of four to live in this manner?

One Block Off The Grid or 1BOG has put together a rather comprehensive infographic depicting what it would really take for a family of four to live off the grid. Have you ever considered it? The idea of picking up a bit of land somewhere and building a small cabin is quite appealing. But do you really know what it would take?

1BOG's roundup lets you know what you would need as far as meat, dairy, eggs, electricity and more. They've thought of everything and the results are smaller than you think. Two acres is all you'd need for a family of four! More would always be awesome, but two is what you could get by on.

See the full breakdown and inforgraphic at 1BOG

(Image: 1BOG)