Living Rooms with Zones

The living room in my old apartment was small. Upon a recent move, I found myself with a larger living room but the same furniture. The old seating arrangement is staying, but there's now room for something more in the room. Here are a few different living rooms that put to use a little extra space beyond the seating area:

1 The living room in Young House Love combines with dining table, chairs, and bench.
2 A desk behind the sofa adds a little work space to the main room of the home, via 5 Things to Put Behind a Sofa (Besides a Sofa Table).
3 A comfy reading nook in the corner of the living room at Brooklyn Limestone.
4 A television and sideboard beyond the seating area of this living room, via Our Best Hide The TV In Plain Sight Tricks.
5 A settee behind the sofa provides a little place to relax without being in the main part of this living room from Southern Living.

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