Living Single & Getting Things Done!

Living Single & Getting Things Done!

Kyle Freeman
Mar 23, 2009

As a single, serial rearranger, I don't have the luxury of some hulking boyfriend to heft things around for me. So when I set my mind on something and don't want to wait for a friend to come over and help, I just make it happen, one way or another. (Case in point - yesterday I desperately wanted to try moving this couch from my office to my dining room and the only way to do so without help was to turn it on end and slowly shimmy it to the new destination). I would love to hear your stories of solo accomplishment, against all odds...

It's true that what would take two people five minutes to move might take me fifteen, but there is a distinctly proud sense of accomplishment when I get it done. For some great tips on moving things solo, click here.

Share your proudest move-it-yourself or do-it-yourself moments!

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