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University City, MO
Inspiration for my palette:
The theme was 'Mermaids Meet Robot'. I wanted my space to feel unique and romantic with an eye for art and textures. Deeper tones can have a velvety quality next to oil paintings. I personally cannot live without both warm and cool colors. Making the deep-warm-brown pieces of wood furniture feel at home was also a priority.
Colors used in my room
The paint is Sherwin-Williams Cerise. The quilt is a daring hot pink from Target, the color probably why it was on sale. But I like that the pink can be found in the adjacent artwork and helps to enliven the space and keeps it from being too dark or too cool. The creamy, off-white curtains, jewelry board, and nightstand also help the balance the space.
Tips for using color successfully
Go with your gut, and take a good look at your wardrobe to figure out your favorites as well as your general comfort level with color. Indulging in a bit of art as well as making a point of tidying up will complement any color scheme and make you relish being in your space. Also, you might try being a bit more daring with your palette in the bedroom because it is your least public room.
Luscious Lullabies
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